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BEM IPSE Gelar Science Festival 2012

Bandung, FPMIP UPI

Today, English language proficiency has become a demand to be met by everyone. Starting from elementary school, middle school, high School and even within the scope of university, ability to use English properly is needed. To provide opportunities to develop English-using skills, Academic Department of SA - IPSE organized an activity entitled Science Festival 2012, which proposed an interesting concept that presents varied activities – science festival and science carnival – in Faculty of Mathematics and Science Education, Indonesia University of Education, on 25th-26th January 2012. “Your hubs are here” is the theme for this event, where all participants can enjoy the activities just like enjoying their hobbies.

On the first day there will be three different competitions, those are story telling for elementary school students, quick and smart for junior high school students and speech contest for senior high school students. Those three competitions are followed by students in all over Bandung. In the next day, there will be grand final session of all competitions and also some music performance from chemistry, physics and computer science departments of FPMIPA UPI. In addition, visitor can enjoy science experiment demos in provided stands.

Once again, this event is our efforts in providing opportunities for students to develop their scientific, logical and critical thinking in all problems associated with science, and develop students’ skills in aspects of science and English. Through this event, it is expected that our next generation are able to compete globally in the future.

For further information please visit our blog sciencefest2012.blogspot.com or follow our twitter @ScienceFestIPSE. (Admin)