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Honoring Excellence And Welcoming The Future

After serving as UPI’s rector for ten years (2005-2015), Prof. Dr. Sunaryo Kartadinata, M.Pd. officialy passed the torch to his successor, Prof. Dr. Furqon M.A., Ph.D, on June 16th 2015. To honor Prof. Kartadinata and welcoming the newly elected rector, ‘Pisah-Sambut’ ceremony was held in June 17th. In this ceremony, every facultypresented Prof. Kartadinata their own special gift, e.g. self-portrait painting, caricature, oreven sports equipmentto honor services that Prof. Kartadinata has given UPI for the last ten years.  FPMIPA, however, has a slightly different approach in honoring  his services, in which the token of appreciation was not given to Prof. Kartadinata but to his wife, Hj. Euis Misyeti Kartadinata. Prof. Asep Kadarohman (FPMIPA’s dean), Dr. Siti Fatimah, and Dr. Wawan Setiawan (FPMIPA’s Vice Dean I and II, respectively) stated that this was a nod to the old saying “behind every succesful man, there is a strong, wise and hardworking woman.” Prof. Kadarohman further stated that “Prof Kartadinata excellent service as UPI’s rector is undeniable for he is one of the very first person who promote undergraduate program in education as an academic program not as a professional program, but we choose to gave the token of appreciation to Mrs. Kartadinata for she is the person behind Prof. Kartadinata’s success.

Aside from gift-giving event to the former rector, the newly elected rector also gave his commencement speech in this ‘Pisah Sambut’. In his speech, Prof. Furqon promised to lead UPI to an even better future as one of the best education university in South East Asia by 2020, in which he wished all of UPI’s employees to help him to reach for this goal together. By working hand in hand, said this kind and humble new rector, UPI’s bright future is not a mere dream but an imminent reality. Thank your for your services, Prof. Kartadinata and welcome, Prof. Furqon. May UPI reach for an even brighter future under your leadership. (PR-FPMIPA)