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Nowadays, being an ordinary student in your university is not enough. You need something that challenges you to do something different and make you out of your comfort zone. There are a lot of organizations that can help you to do so. For example, let’s talk about one of leadership organization that exists in this university, AIESEC. For your information, AIESEC is a global, non-political, independent, non-for-profit organization, run by students and recent graduates of institution of higher education. Its member is interested in world issues, leadership and management.  AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, creed, Religion, national or ethnic origin.

This organization has vision, which is Peace and fulfillment of humankind potential. The impacts are enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential to have a positive impact to the society.  How we do it? We provide integrated development experience comprised of leadership opportunities, international internship, and participation in a global learning environment. AIESEC is now present in more than 112 countries including Indonesia.

AIESEC in Indonesia have Local Committees especially in Bandung, our beloved city. AIESEC in Bandung is one of the top Local Committees under AIESEC in Indonesia. We have six universities in AIESEC LC Bandung. There are Universitas Padjadjaran, Institut Teknologi  Bandung, Maranatha Christian University, Telkom University. And last, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

One of our programs to develop students’ leadership potential is Global Youth Ambassador Program (GYAP). It’s an opportunity for young people to develop their entrepreneurial and responsible leadership through social project abroad. The special thing is, with joining GYAP, you can experience as representative of Indonesia to the world, and show them how nice Indonesian is.

To prepare for the future, we need soft skills and leadership qualities because we are the future leaders of Indonesia. Our first President, Sukarno once said “give me ten youth, then I'll shake the world “. The young people, with his passion, his energy, his brilliant ideas will be able to change everything. Young people are also one of the valuable properties owned by the State. AIESEC LC Bandung provides you to be part Leader of the Future to change a better world. We are willing to give you a change.


Send your CV and Motivation Letter to goexchange@aiesecbandung.orgwith subject: Apply GYAP UPI

May you have questions, you can ask us through text message to 085759947242