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Visitation From UNM’s Science Study Program To FPMIPA UPI’s IPSE Study Program

On 21 April 2015, FPMIPA UPI’s International Program on Science Education (IPSE) Study Program was visited by Universitas Negeri Makassar (UNM) Science Study Program.

Our guest from UNM was consisted of 36 students and 4 lecturers, in which they were accepted by FPMIPA’S Dean, Prof. Dr. Asep Kadarohman in FPMIPA’s meeting room. In addition to sharing about lecturing and students activity as well as curriculum in both study programs, our guests were also visiting IPSE’s Laboratory at FPMIPA’s B Building.

Dr. Ramlawati, M.Si., one of UNM’s Lecturers, stated that they were impressed by this visitation experience because beside getting insight about international standardized-facilities and infrastructures, this visitation also motivated them, lecturer and students, to design and to conduct international standardized-science study program like the one in IPSE’s Study Program. (Public Relations, 2015).