About IKOM

IKOM (Student Parents Association) is a non-profit organization that dedicates its activities to helping UPI FPMIPA students who, due to their limited social abilities, have difficulty paying tuition fees. This organization was born from the collective empathy of student parents who have concern and care for students. Data on FPMIPA students who receive BBM and PPA scholarships in 2009 show only 10% of the total number of FPMIPA students. In addition, in the even semester 2008/2009 the number of FPMIPA students who were inactive (not registering) was recorded as many as 71 people. Thus the existence of IKOM is very important. Since IKOM was born in mid-2003, donations have been collected by parents of new students to IKOM which is assisted by the Academic Administration and Student Affairs Section of FPMIPA UPI (formerly Student Affairs Subdivision). The parents' infaq funds are then used directly to students who need it in the form of interest-free loans. It was recorded that up to 2009, 236 FPMIPA students had received loan assistance in rotation with varying amounts according to their needs. Starting in 2009, the UPI FPMIPA Student Executive Board has been involved in the IKOM program to help facilitate the delivery of information to students and also as an effort to increase IKOM transparency to all parties in the UPI FPMIPA environment.