General Facilities

Seminar / Scientific Activity Room

For seminars or meetings with participants up to 300 people, FPMIPA has a comfortable auditorium space that can be used. As for small group meetings and seminars (up to 50 people), each department has a meeting room and one faculty meeting room for a capacity of 70 people. Departments / Prodi at FPMIPA usually hold regular meetings for discussions and other scientific meetings on Fridays which are general lecture days, so they don't interfere with lecturers' teaching schedules. In 2018 the Student Corner was inaugurated in the FPMIPA A building, which is a very comfortable room designed for academic and non-academic activities for students.


Wireless Access Network (WAN / Hotspot) facilities for outdoor internet access around FPMIPA are available. Currently, apart from in classrooms, in the corridors and lobby of FPMIPA, WiFi can also be accessed properly. This facility is used by students and lecturers to access the necessary information related to the implementation of lectures.


Other means of information in the form of library sources are provided by a central library that already uses the online system through, and a curricuratorium, namely a reading room equipped with text books, journals, dissertations / theses / theses, and other sources. in FPMIPA. Colection of Books in Kurikalatorium

Worship place