Student Activities

The following are some student activities that have been held in the study program environment at FPMIPA.

Activities organized by Himatika "Identika" include: Ramadan Gema, Postulate, Mathematical Gathering, Student Services, Calculus (Social Activities and Concern for Peoples), PPM (Community Service), RECUEST (CREating and Documentary question), Responsi, MEC ( Mathematics English Club), Study Tour, GMM (Mathematics Student Echo), TTM (Training To Motivate), DCA (Department and Committee Awards), KPK (Mathematical Education Study), GAMMA (Registration of Mathematics Young Members), MOKA (Campus Orientation Period ), LKM (Student Leadership Training), Mathematical Sports and Creativity Week (Penalty), Mathematics Futsal League (MFL), Crammer (Creativity and Information of Mathematicers), VOLUME (Voice plus Music Of Mathematics), MEO (Mathematics Event Organizer), UUD (DPMBers Business Unit).

Activities organized by the Physics Student Association include: Gema Ramadhan Physics (GRAFIKA); Regeneration school; Release of graduates/women; Potensiis (Sports Week, Creativity, and the art of Physics); Physics Great Challenge Days contains debate competitions for high school students and equivalent; physics comic competition; Physics Project Contest competition; namely competitions to make tools that are useful for human life, and many other activities.

Activities organized by the Formica Biology Student Association include: PMB (New Student Admission), MABIM (Guidance Period), PAB (Ordinary Member Admission), ORMOSIA CAMPUSII, ORICULA BIOLOGINSIS, LKM (Student Leadership Training), JAMUR SAITAKE (Ramadan Dinner, Science and Technology), FORMICUP, FOREST FOR US, BFUB (Bakti Formica for the Nation), PPM (Community Service), and MUMAS.

Student Association of International Program on Science Education FPMIPA UPI (SA-IPSE FPMIPA UPI) is a departmental student association owned by the International Study Program Program on Science Education (IPSE). Activities organized by the IPSE Student Association are the FPMIPA-wide tahfidz competition; upgrading of BEM administrators (Management of Even Organizer); SBI teachers, RAM, Mabim, LKM, YouthCamp, PAB, Mumas, ExpoScience; FPMIPA ENGLISH FORUM (held once every two months only for IPSE students); RESPONSE (strengthening before UTS and US); SCIENCE FESTIVAL (debate contets, quick and smart, speech contest); PROGRAM OF VISIT TO SCHOOL; Culture's Day; IPSE Sport Club; IPSE Art Club, Science and Art Expo; Monthly wall magazine.