Academics Life

International Atmosphere

One of the study programs (Science Education) conducts lectures in English as the language of instruction. In photo is Genetics course delivered by one of the teaching staff in the Science Education study program.

Collaboration and Cooperation in Academic Activity

FPMIPA believes in the importance of collaboration in academic activities both in the form of student activities and lecture activities. Academic collaboration and communication skills are important skills in a career as an educator or researcher.

The Development of Professional Competence

Teaching materials are an integral part of an educator's career. In the inset is lecture activity with the topic of making mathematics teaching materials.

Preparing the students to be a competent scientist

FPMIPA students are encouraged to carry out research that can help to solve important and urgent problems such as research about generating Biofuel from Algae.

Empowering the students as active problem solver

The involvement of students in research to solve environmental problems, for example through research on biofloc for textile waste will enable them to realize their important role in solving real world-problems.

Contributing in Technological Advancement for Better Life

In contributing to the development of technology for a better life, the development of robot technology is one of the leading research programs of computer science.

Motivate the Students to be Lifelong Learners

FPMIPA continuously encourages and motivates the students to always stay updated with the current advancement in education and science by conducting workshops and seminars. Conducting workshops or Seminars by Science or Education Experts and workshops or seminars on career and skills development is our way to instil the importance of always staying curious and motivated to harness skills and knowledge as lifelong learners.